Three Cryptocurrencies You Should Look For

The crypto market is facing another brutal period of recession, and all major crypto coins are constantly losing their market value. Many people fear that there is another cryptocurrency who falls like Terra (LUNA). A month ago, Terra (LUNA) lost almost 99.9% of its value, causing many token holders to lose significantly. Although we haven’t seen anything like it yet, many well-established cryptocurrencies have lost over 40% of their market value. In this article, we suggest some cryptocurrencies you should buy during this tough time of market downturn. Cryptocurrencies include CashFi (CFI), a whole new entry into the world of crypto, ICON (ICX)and GateToken (GT).

The next generation of Liquid Staking – CashFi (CFI)

CashFi (CFI) is a next generation decentralized platform with native ERC20 token CFI. It plans to create collaborations and connections by introducing users to various asset classes such as liquid staking and NFTs. It uses a unique fee-sharing system to give investors access to asset classes. Additionally, it revolutionizes and empowers users in the current DeFi landscape with an interoperable and decentralized network of platforms that provide access to digital resources. Since the platform is familiar with staking options, the CashFi (CFI) The program allows users to free up liquidity and earn higher profits by staking CFI tokens.

It also offers a cross-chain CFI NFT marketplace and a dedicated hub for seamless NFT creation across multiple channels at low cost. Furthermore, CashFi (CFI) also provides staking infrastructure that enhances the security of major global digital networks. The native CFI token offers a myriad of benefits to users. It strengthens the DeFi and NFT markets while supporting the ecosystem of networks such as liquid staking, CFI NFT and synthetic fibers. Holders can also participate in governance by submitting proposals and voting on network developments and changes to improve the ecosystem.

The Layer 1 Blockchain – ICON (ICX)

The ICON (ICX) aims to build a decentralized network using cryptocurrencies. Thus, he describes his goal as the creation of a “digital state” that can issue and control its form of value according to a system of rules chosen by various agents. The design is inspired by the real world, where corporations, non-profit institutions and public institutions all use the same means of value but are different but interoperable economic agents.

Simply put, the idea is that computer applications can use ICON software as infrastructure to create their currency and economy. Computers (nodes) running the software can choose to support the ICON ecosystem economy based on their interests. ICON Republic acts as a hub for its block chain operations, managing the process of creating a new ICX cryptocurrency in each block. The ICX blockchain uses a delegated proof-of-stake consensus algorithm to determine which nodes can add new blocks to the blockchain. Other major cryptocurrencies like TRON and EOS use this same idea which allows the determination of blocks without any conflict (like mining) and allows networks to reach consensus faster.

GateToken (GT)

GateToken (GT) is native to GateChain cryptocurrency and an essential asset of GateToken can be used to pay transaction fees for the GateChain service, and GT owners can vote for governance changes. In the beginning, 300 million tokens were distributed without any token presale. The sale took place in 2019 and people bought the GT through It was fully distributed and no one bought it individually. GateToken holders receive discounts on spot transactions, futures transactions, and cryptocurrency loans. Its owners can participate in voting plans for projects listed on One GT is one vote, and the GateChain platform rewards GTs for mining consensus nodes and mining PoS.


All the listed cryptocurrencies are equipped with viable usage features, which will make them a great investment option. Cryptocurrencies with user-friendly features are a million times more likely to succeed than their counterparts.

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