What happened to Brigitte Bardot? Where is the old fashion icon now

Brigitte Bardot– who was born on September 28, 1934 in Paris, France, as Brigitte Anne-Marie Bardot – is known for her work as a model, actress, singer, author and activist. The peak of her career came in the 1950s and 1960s when she appeared in over 40 films.Today, Bardot is 87 years old and a long way from his entertainment career. Read on to see where the former starlet is now.

Brigitte Bardot left the entertainment industry in 1973

When Bardot was a child, she modeled for her mother’s friends, who designed hats, and the photos began to attract attention.

In 1950, when she was 15, she landed the cover of the French Elle. Two years later, she married director Roger Vadim, which landed her many movie roles. In 1956, she appeared in … And God created the woman. Although he did not fare well in France, his popularity in the United States cemented Bardot’s status as a sex symbol.

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Naturally, her romantic relationships also made headlines. She was married to director Roger Vadim between 1952 and 1957, actor Jacques Charrier (with whom she shares son Nicolas-Jacques) between 1959 and 1963, and millionaire Gunter Sachs between 1966 and 1969. She is said to have had affairs with his co-star Jean-Louis Trintignant and musician Gilbert Bécaud. She was linked to musician Bob Zagury, writer John Gilmore, singer Serge Gainsbourg, artist Miroslav Brozek, television producer Allain Bougrain-Dubourg and actors Patrick Gilles, Warren Beatty and Laurent Vergez. And in 1992, she married businessman Bernard d’Ormale.

Despite her success, however, she quit the entertainment industry in 1973. “I was really sick of it,” she said. vanity lounge. “It’s a good thing I quit because what happened to Marilyn Monroe and Romy Schneider would have happened to me.”

In 2012, Vanity Fair chatted with Bardot at her home, La Madrague, a secluded property in Saint-Tropez, which she bought in 1958. She lives there with her husband, Bernard d’Ormale, and she also owns another nearby house, La Garrigue, with a chapel and animals such as horses, donkeys, cows and pigs. Regarding her current life, she revealed that she used a cane for arthritis and enjoyed crosswords, Radio Classique and writers such as Milan Kundera, Bernard Clavel and Konrad Lorenz.

When she spoke to The Guardian in 2019, she said her celebrity life had started to make her feel “smothered”.

She now dedicates her life to animal rights

Bardot now spends much of her time advocating for animal rights with the Brigitte Bardot Foundation for Animal Welfare and Protection, which she created in 1986.

When she was making movies, she often picked up stray animals. Over the years, she has become increasingly involved in animal rights advocacy, working to stop the slaughter of baby seals, oppose the slaughter of horses, and more. She even auctioned off personal clothes and jewelry to show even more support. “It’s what I dreamed of,” said Bardot vanity lounge. “It’s what I always wanted.” She also said The Guardian“Humans have hurt me. Deeply. And only with animals, with nature, have I found peace.

She’s still as controversial as ever

Despite all of Bardot’s humanitarian work, she has had several controversial moments throughout her career. For example, she has been a harsh critic of the #MeToo movement and victim-blamed actresses who said they were sexually harassed in the entertainment industry. “The vast majority are hypocritical and ridiculous. Many actresses try to play the teaser with producers to land a role. And then, so we’re going to talk about them, they say they were harassed,” she told Paris Match (via France 24). “I’ve never been the victim of sexual harassment. found it charming when men told me that I was beautiful or that I had a nice little behind.

She also has a history of racism. In November 2021, she received her sixth fine from the French government for “incitement to racial hatred” after calling indigenous Indian Ocean islanders “savages”. She was also tried for her racism against Muslim communities.

Although she had to pay thousands of euros in fines, Bardot continues to justify her racist remarks by claiming that all her causes are “motivated by the defense of animals”. However, she said vanity lounge“If I upset certain notions and went against the established rules, that was not part of what I wanted to do. It was not my goal. »

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