Why MCU Fans Believe Doctor Doom Will Appear In Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

With the Fantastic Four’s confirmed arrival in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, many fans have also been anticipating Doctor Doom’s appearance. Doom, one of Marvel’s biggest and greatest villains, has long awaited faithful representation in live-action movies.

With recent Doctor Doom concept art floating around that would have been from Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, it looks like he might be coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe soon after all. But why in a Black Panther sequel and not in a The Fantastic Four film? That’s the million dollar question.

So, let’s take a look at the history between Wakanda and Doom, and how the villain might fit into the story of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

Exploring Doctor Doom’s History With Wakanda And How It Could Fit In black panther 2

Rumored concept art of Black Panther's Doom: Wakanda Forever (Image via @Moth_Culture)
Rumored concept art of Black Panther’s Doom: Wakanda Forever (Image via @Moth_Culture)

Let’s take a look at who exactly Doom is. Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Doctor Doom debuted in April 1962, in Fantastic Four #5. Under the name of Victor Von Doom, he is the ruler of Latveria.

Being one of the most skilled scientists in the Marvel Universe, Doom is also a skilled magician and a potential candidate for the title of Sorcerer Supreme. When an accident left him scarred, he donned an iron mask and armor. He’s also a rival to Reed Richards and one of the greatest villains Marvel heroes have ever faced.

Victor Von Doom in the comics (Image via Marvel Comics)
Victor Von Doom in the comics (Image via Marvel Comics)

Believing that the world could be improved through conquest, Doom hopes to bring order and balance to Earth. That’s basically his philosophy. However, he also had a rather complicated history with Wakanda.

Now, with recent concept art floating around the net and rumors spreading about Doom’s involvement in the post-credits scene of Black Panther: wakanda forever, fans think we might see a setup towards fatal war in the movie.

Doomwar, one of Marvel’s most important storylines, saw Doctor Doom make a hostile takeover of the Nation of Wakanda. With a group of superheroes coming to the aid of Black Panther, we witness all-out war as Wakanda takes part in its biggest fight yet.

Victor Von Doom in the comics (Image via Marvel Comics)
Victor Von Doom in the comics (Image via Marvel Comics)

With the Fantastic Four already introduced and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever to show huge implications for the nation, a hint about Doctor Doom definitely seems to be on the cards.

With the concept art leaked as well, we can expect Doom to come in and steal a bunch of Vibranium from Wakanda, as that was a huge facet of Doomwar. With the setup in the works and the concept art speculated to be real, it looks like MCU fans might be in for a treat.

When Doctor Doom officially becomes the newest threat in an MCU movie, I want as few or no jokes as possible from the heroes. I want the threat of Doom taken as seriously as possible. https://t.co/0MlLRLeB7D

Fans need a good take on Doctor Doom, too, as the character hasn’t really lived up to the task in live-action yet. Either way, we’ll only know once Black Panther: Wakanda Forever released in theaters on November 11, 2022.

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