X-Men: The Hellfire Gala Gets a Reality Show-Style Follow-Up

The X-Men are expanding their presence on digital comics app Marvel Unlimited with a pair of new stories from this summer’s one-shot X-Men: The Hellfire Gala, starting with a series of talking head interviews. reality show style with characters reacting in real time to the events of the recent Hellfire Gala.

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For those of you who aren’t aware, this year’s TL:DR Hellfire Gala (an annual party where the mutants of Krakoa invite strangers to their island nation) includes the power of mutant resurrection revealed to the world amid an attack by Moira X, and the announcement of the new core X-Men team roster for the next year.

In X-Men: Hellfire Gala Confessionals, writer Steve Foxe and artists Alan Robinson and Carlos Lopez catch up with the fan-vote contestants of the new X-Men team, in which real-world fans vote to choose the final member. of the new X-Men team, as they sound off in private “interview” style segments about the election results.

Voting candidates included Avalanche, Gorgon, Gentle, Micromax, Surge, Bling!, Siryn, Penance, Armor, and Firestar (the winner of the vote), all of which are featured in the digital version of the Infinity Comics format.

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Next, writer Steve Foxe reunites all of the fan-vote contestants who weren’t voted into the X-Men for X-Men Unlimited #50, which kicks off a new arc in which the unelected contestants come together in a new team of ‘Secret X-Men’, the nickname given to the losers of the 2021 fan vote, is now being passed on to those who didn’t make the cut in 2022.

The landmark issue of the Infinity Comics-format digital title kicks off a new arc in which the unsuccessful contestants reunite as a new team of “Secret X-Men,” the nickname given to the losers of the previous year’s fan vote.

Here’s a trailer for the two new Marvel Unlimited X-Men releases, both now available:

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